Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Drug Rehabilitation

Many methods are used to treat drug addicts. One way is to use a method that essentially therapy mutually reinforcing community among patients determined to stop this bad habit. Uniquely therapy was conducted by a resort in Sebaru Islands, Thousand Islands, North Jakarta.
Drug eradication efforts to date has been done digencar police officers. Police officers recently Tebet, South Jakarta to arrest the three students found to have drugs. The three students are secured in South Jakarta Saharjo Road, shortly after buying drugs putaw type. Ironically in the examination of the three students are known to have long turned to stop the habit of taking drugs, even they have been declared cured after undergoing drug rehabilitation treatment. 
However, freedom from drug addiction was only temporary. In the end the three students returned to buy and consume drugs. The fact is, it not only affects the three students. But also affects the majority of drug addicts. This fact makes national entrepreneur Tommy Winata was deeply concerned. To help the victims of this drug and Tony Winata National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to establish a rehabilitation center in Sebaru Small Island, Thousand Islands, North Jakarta. 

Rehabilitation center deliberately chosen this remote place for drug users in their environment. Thus the healing process can run without interruption. On the island of more than 16.6 acres of heavily guarded these various medical facilities built for the healing process of drug addicts. With a range of facilities to be built a number of drug users treated in this island can achieve more than 100 patients. 

The main method used for the healing process of patients according to the leadership of Project Recovery Sebaru Beach Resort, Doctor Chris Benjamin, community is a method of therapy. With this method, each patient is taught to cooperate in eliminating the habit of using drugs. So the spirit to achieve a cure will be always awake. 

In addition to therapy using community, Sebaru Recovery Beach Resort also uses the method cored vocational arts, sports and methods of religious methods. And to safeguard the future of the victims of this drug rehab owners also make the program Job Posisioning and Refreshment, so that each patient is declared cured to obtain employment at one company Tommy Winata.
Occupational factors are also required drug addicts after being cured is also the key for patients to be able to withstand the temptation to use drugs. Without trust it to work after recovering drug victims are often able to return to consume drugs. 

With the rehabilitation program which runs on the island are expected to victims of drug can stop the bad habit. So that no more victims of drug re-treatment after being declared cured after undergoing rehabilitation. Thus the number of drug users in Indonesia can be diminished.

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