Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Last Stage of Drug Treatment

The Last stage of the drug treatment at Florida drug rehab center is known as advanced recovery. Advanced recovery, sometimes also referred to as stable recovery, is the most important stage where the individual learns to get a grasp on their temptations and achieve long lasting abstinence. The advanced stage starts only after the completion of third stage of sustainable abstinence. People who complete the fourth stage of the program are confident to make a commitment to lead a simple life which is free of drug addiction.
The aim of the Florida drug rehab is not only to help patients maintain abstinence but recover completely from their addiction. This is the stage where people are trained to make healthy choices in their life and thus maintain a happy lifestyle. Individuals also learn to find answers to difficult questions and take charge of their own life. Personal health, social well being and mental strength of individuals are taken care of at the center to help the individual return to mainstream society with self-belief and self support.

With the program available at the Florida drug rehab, it is possible for the patient to become independent and gain self confidence. Advanced stage is also known as the followup stage where the individuals are given continuing care and counseling to emerge as a healthy, stable and sober citizen. They learn to be self accountable for their recovery and fitness and choose what is right for them. The frequency of the counseling sessions are reduced as the patient recovers and after a period of time, they are conducted only once in two weeks.

In this stage, the professional starts weaning off the active treatment, allowing the patient to take their own choices. The medical treatment, physical exercises and other behavioral therapies are discontinued so that the individual is able to come back to his regular life slowly yet steadily. The goal of the program at this time is to achieve complete sobriety and identify the patient's body needs and requirements. The patient also learns various methods and strategies that can help him avoid temptations in future and maintain their health.
The advanced treatment at the Florida center hold regular sessions to offer continuous support to patients and give feedback on their recovery program. They constantly remind the patient regarding the commitment that have made and help them emerge successful in their aim to regain control over their life. Several mutual support groups are formed where the individual can discuss and share their problems with other people who have gone through or are going through the same phase. Every patient benefits from the group counseling as they learn from each other's mistakes.

Advanced recovery is the most innovative stage of the four-stage treatment available at the Florida drug rehab center. The individual is able to leave their world of darkness and return to their regular life after completing the treatment. One just needs to stay connected to the center for the aftercare program where they can come back at any point of time for any problem that they may be facing. With treatment at drug treatment center one can be sure to get only the best that will not only be good for the patient but the entire family as well.

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