Monday, November 21, 2011

what we Expect from Substance Abuse Treatment Program

What we Expect from Substance Abuse Treatment Program .How many U.S. government spent for substance abuse treatment for its citizens? Of all the funds spent on each level of government, state government and others, for overall, 10% of it was spent on substance abuse treatment. Have you ever heard of anything like that? If the government does not spend money to make people regardless of addiction and the use of Marijuana and Alcohol excess, and help their health problems, we will have no trouble paying teachers who help educate our children. We will have no trouble sending our kids to college for free. But no, instead the funds spent on rehabilitation and health care for the body are damaged by drugs. Not to mention, substance abuse causes
many people leave their lives and become homeless, causes of domestic violence and child abuse. And it also imposes American country billions of dollars. But all the money spent may be feasible if such a substance abuse rehabilitation treatment is truly effective.
But in reality, rehabilitation is considered like a revolving door. In hundreds of cities around the country, teens begin very early on, running their bodies with drugs and alcohol as hard as possible and then stop when their bodies give up. For such people, such as substance abuse treatment rehabilitation center looks like a sad joke. There are thousands of teens are aware of how their habit of damaging their bodies. They go into rehab and come out clean. But they can survive net rarely more than a few months. The mind has a way of making a bad habit of not looking very dangerous. We all have bad habits (although not as bad as substance abuse) as lazy, selfish, dishonest, and others. And when we try hard to stop, at some point we know how tempting to indulge yourself once again. Combine with the effects of chemical substances that weaken your resolve, and you know how hard it is.
Government a few years ago, passed a law called the Mental Health Parity Law. It forces insurance companies to treat mental problems just like they treat physical problems. And that includes drug and alcohol addiction. Now with the insurance for these problems, the rehabilitation center is overwhelmed anticipate a longer waiting list. Currently there are 25 million people in America who need and want treatment but do not get it.
Even so, one wonders what good it is. The effectiveness of the claims of rehabilitation centers showed very disappointing results. Rehabilitation is not even an exact science. They do not even have a decent universal protocol to use. The experts actually refer to substance abuse treatment system as a method of washing machine. You put the clothes into the washing machine, press the button and then expect all your clothes to come out with a net. Sometimes, they will be clean, sometimes not. But they chose to believe that they are clean. That's why government requires each government funds spent on the rehabilitation is only provided on evidence-based treatment center. Elsewhere, you can easily forge your way and get away.

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