Thursday, December 1, 2011

4 Tips to eradicate drug

Drug eradication can only be done from ourselves."There are four important things to do, so that drugs can really we're fighting

The first should start from ourselves. "That is, we and our families must be guaranteed not to use drugs,"  This becomes important, because the personal consciousness, if accumulated a sense of community will be very powerful to be a fortress.

Secondly, can ensure that our families do not ever try drugs. "a family leader, for example, whose members are exposed to drugs, we could question his credibility. Set the family alone can not, let alone manage other people, especially rule the country. Such a leader must immediately withdraw from the political stage, if it's political leaders.

The third, according to be willing to campaign anti-drug movement every day. "Wherever, whenever. This is very important, because I read there was drug use systematic hands intentionally to destroy a generation.

While the fourth step is to dare to report if they see there are other people who abuse drugs. "Just maybe some that did not dare to report. For this very powerful drug syndicate. Those people who have money all, and may also have an influence. For that we have the courage thirsty.

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