Thursday, November 24, 2011

4 Stages of drug abuse

Stages of drug abuse, among others:

1. Phase of trial and error
Initially only pengin know and show greatness. Most do not continue this stage. But, there are a few of us who go into the process more "sophisticated".

2. Occasionally or regularly use
Partly after the stage of trial and error and then resume the use of psychoactive thus become part of everyday life. However, due to the use of these materials is still limited, there is no fundamental changes experienced by the user. They stay in school and doing other activities.

3. Addiction
At this stage the frequency, type, and dose used increases, including increasing the use of materials at high risk of physical impairment, mental, and social problems more clearly. This phase is often called a critical stage because there is a real danger. However, in some users (with help) can still be stopped at this stage.

4. Dependence
Is an extreme form of addiction, and efforts to get a psychoactive substance use on a regular basis is a major activity of daily beat all other activities, physical condition, and persistent mental decline, life has lost meaning. State of a particular drug users always need to be able to function fairly, both physically and psychologically. Physical dependence, for example, the body becomes weak and painful joints when not using the drug in a certain period. Psychological dependence is shown by the presence of not feeling confident in daily life if you do not use drugs.

Symptoms The Excessive Use of Drugs
1. Opiates (heroin, morphine, marijuana)
- Feelings of pleasure and happiness
- Indifference (apathy)
- Lazy to move
- Sleepy
- Nausea
- Slurred speech
- Pupils narrowed (widened if overdose)
- Impairment of attention / memory

2. Marijuana
- A sense of fun and happy
- Relaxed and weak
- Indifferent
- Red eyes
- Increased appetite
- Dry mouth
- Self-control are less
- Frequent yawning / sleepy
- Lack of concentration
- Depression

3. Amphetamines (methamphetamine, ecstasy)
- Increased vigilance
- Passionate
- Feeling happy, happy
- Dilated pupils
- Pulse and blood pressure increase
- Difficult to sleep / insomnia
- Loss of appetite

4. Cocaine
- Rapid heartbeat
- Psychomotor agitation / restlessness
- Euphoria / excitement over
- Increased self-esteem
- A lot of talk
- Increased vigilance
- Seizures
- Pupil (pupil) widened
- Increased blood pressure
- Sweats / chills
- Nausea / vomiting
- Easy fight
- Psychosis
- Bleeding of brain blood
- Blockage of blood vessels
- Horizontal nystagmus / eyes move uncontrollably
- Dystonia (neck muscle stiffness)

5. Alcohol
- Slurred speech
- Stagger
- Facial redness
- A lot of talk
- Irritability
- Concentration problems
- Breath smells of alcohol

6. Benzodiazepines (pills Nipam, BK, mogadon)
- Slurred speech
- Stagger
- Facial redness
- A lot of talk
- Irritability
- Concentration problems

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