Thursday, November 24, 2011

3 Signs of Possible Abuse of Narcotics and Substance addictive

a. Physical
- Drastic weight loss
- The eyes look sunken and red, pale face, and lips blackish
- Hands full of red spots, such as mosquito bites and
no sign of the incision scar. Scratches and discoloration of the skin in place
- Large and small bowel substandard
- Constipation or abdominal pain for no apparent reason

b. Emotion
- Very sensitive and quickly bored
- When reprimanded or scolded, he even showed defiance
- His emotions up and down and do not hesitate to hit people or speak harshly
against family members or people in surrounding areas
- Erratic appetite

c. Behavior
- Lazy and often forget responsibilities and routine tasks
- Showed indifference and away from family
- Often meet with persons unknown families, left without saying goodbye
and came home after midnight
- Likes to steal money at home, school or place of employment and mortgage
valuables at home. Likewise with valuables
hers, much is lost
- Always run out of money
- Often spent time at home in the bedroom, toilet, storeroom, the space
dark, bathroom, or other quiet areas
- Fear of water. If exposure is going to hurt? therefore they are so lazy bath
- Frequent coughs and colds prolonged, typically occurs when the symptoms
? Withdrawal?
- His attitude tends to be manipulative and suddenly looked nice when there wants,
such as need money to buy drugs
- Often lied and broken promises with a variety of reasons
- Experiencing heart palpitations
- Frequent yawning
- Excessive tears
- Excessive sweating
- Often have nightmares
- Experienced headache
- Experiencing pain / aching joints

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