Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to prevent a child abuse alcohol and drugs

Abuse alcohol and drugs increasingly day by the children become increasingly concerned about issues that all parents. Of the few studies that have been done, it was agreed that the building fabric of intense communication between parents and children is a powerful tool to be able to prevent things that are not desirable. Nonetheless, many parents feel hesitant to discuss about the misuse of drugs and alcohol with their children. Some of us believe that our children will not terlinbat on things forbidden. Others put it off because they do not know how they say it, or just scared them into thinking about it and pushed into an unwanted direction.

From an American study stated that many young people who follow a rehabilitation program say they consume alcohol or illegal drugs 2 (two) years before their parents find out. Therefore, jalinlah communication as early as possible and do not wait until your kids get into trouble they will be.

Do not be afraid to admit that you are not able to answer all questions. Let your children know that concerns you, and then you can work together to get the answers that question.

Below are some basic tips to improve the ability of discussions with your children about alcohol and drugs.

- Be a good listener. Reassure your child feel? Comfortable? disclose the problem to you. Listen carefully and attentively to everything your child says. Do you become angry after hearing it all. If necessary, give pause for 5-10 minutes to reassure you when needed. If your child does not tell the problem,? Fishing? Was the one with questions about school and other activities.

- Take time to discuss sensitive matters. It is important for them to know whether his parents knew the correct information about what they consider important.

- Give encouragement. Expand encouragement on things that have been done correctly the child, and do not focus too much on the bad things or the wrong he has done. This will encourage children to learn to feel good things for them, so they can develop confidence in making decisions concerning himself.

- Convey messages clearly. When you are talking about the use of alcohol or drug abuse, make sure you provide clear and direct, so that children know exactly what is expected of him. For example,? In our families, are prohibited from drinking beverages that contain alcohol! ?.

- Set a good example. In addition to the nature of teaching, the children also learn from real examples. Many things that emulated the behavior of children from their parents. Convince yourself that you have to behave properly, as you would expect from your child.

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