Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to cure drug users

How to cure drug users .By way of injecting drug addicts can now be cured through method methadone. In fact, addicts can avoid transmission of HIV / AIDS. Unfortunately, the numbers of methadone treatment clinics are still very limited. 
"Healing Through Drugs Computer .."
Drug addicts in general difficult to eliminate the dependence. Now a computer software combined with traditional counseling may help the drug addicts in the healing process with more effect. It has been proved by a study by a team of researchers at Yale University.

Typically, the drug addicts undergoing Cognitive - Behavioural therapy that focuses on teaching skills and strategies to help people change behavior patterns. However, unfortunately this is not enough available therapy for drug addicts. Therefore, these researchers developed a software application that helps provide healing therapy for addicts drugs .Software contain text, audio, and video footage examples are designed to help users learn cara2 abstain from using drugs in their behavior.
In this study, 77 people were involved ± drug addicts. They were randomized to undergo therapy with computers. The result is that drug addicts get treatment with computer showed significant progress at the end of the study. "We think it is an effective way to help more drug addicts to change their behavior.

"Healing, Healing from Drug .."

It's no secret that the misuse narcotics and dangerous drugs had penetrated so deeply in urban Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Bandung, and other large cities. As a healer spiritual (spiritual healer), I am concerned that especially not a matter of how the government combating drug distribution, but how reach as many victims of drug users and help the healing.

Combating drugs is a political problem, but recovery from dependence on drugs is humanitarian issues. The situation was so acute so there is no point anymore to each other blame the victim when the patient is trapped by drugs already so many.

So far I do counseling and healing personal in one by one (one-on-one basis) of young professionals in London; and I thought, it was time to offer healing from dependence of these drugs on the community also common. Therapies that I use to rely on variety of techniques to help patients find solutions to the problems it faces so that drug, which is actually an escape from the quasi- personal problems are not being solved, not
again become an addiction.

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